6 Pack Premium Anniversary - Engagement Confetti Cannon Red & Pink Biodegradable Paper Confetti Popper

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Make your anniversary or engagement celebration truly memorable with the 6 Pack Premium Anniversary - Engagement Confetti Cannon! These confetti poppers are designed to add a burst of excitement and color to your special moments. Here’s why they’re a must-have:

  • Vibrant Red & Pink Confetti: Each 12-inch confetti cannon launches a brilliant mix of red and pink biodegradable paper confetti up to 20-25 feet. Capture stunning photos and videos as the confetti gently falls around you.

  • Eco-Friendly and Safe: The confetti is 100% biodegradable, ensuring minimal impact on the environment. Plus, the non-combustible compressed air design guarantees safety during use.

  • Perfect for Anniversaries and Engagements: Whether you’re celebrating years of love or saying “yes” to forever, these confetti poppers add a touch of magic to your special day.

  • Small Business Brand: Support small businesses with this product from Clover Products LLC.

Get your 6-pack of Premium Anniversary - Engagement Confetti Cannons today and create unforgettable memories!